Personnel Transport - United Vision


Safe, Reliable Service in the Personnel Transportation Industry

United Vision Logistics is proud of our record for safety and reliability when moving our important passengers –your valued personnel. Our mission is to ensure they are well-rested and available to work upon arrival at the work site, with a wide range of comfortable vehicles available to transport them at the beginning and/or end of the day.

This commitment to their well-being is backed by a network that spans the entire breadth of the United States, enabling us to meet all of your administrative and operational needs.

It's a reliable, all-in-one personnel transportation solution with both static and dynamic scheduling that gives you the competitive advantage.

Our Personnel Transportation Services are Distinguished by

  • National Network Capabilities
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Range of Equipment
    • Suburban
    • Vans (With Trailers)
    • Coaches
    • Town Car Services
  • Static and Dynamic Scheduling
    • 2-3 Day Notice
    • 24 Hour Notice
    • 2-3 Hour Notice
  • Emergency Response / Evacuation Capabilities
  • GPS Tracking
  • Quality Assurance Through Direct Passenger Feedback
    • Improved Safety
    • Reliability
    • Customer Service
  • Locations
    • Residences
    • Hotels
    • Airports
    • Heliports
    • Work sites
    • Shore bases
    • Drilling Sites
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