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Driver Appreciation Week - September 17 - 21, 2012

The week of Sept. 17-21, 2012 is National Driver Appreciation Week, a special time for all of us here at United Vision Logistics as we show our appreciation for those that get it done everyday – our dedicated drivers.

We know we have the greatest drivers on the road helping United Vision deliver excellence for our customers and for that, here are five of the best in our first ever United Vision Logistics "Best Driver Awards." Our Best Drivers 2012 were selected based on their Safety record • Productivity • Longevity • Customer Service.

Friday recipients of the Best Driver Award 2012
Congratulations to Vince Latiolais and Melvin Heckman!

Vincent is a valuable driver to terminal 409 and United Vision. His knowledge of equipment and capabilities in moving over dimensional cargo is what helps set us apart from other trucking companies in the industry.
Great job Vincent!

Melvin is a phenomenal owner operator. He is always ready to go to work at a moment's notice. Having never once turned down a load, Melvin understands that the customers being satisfied with on time professional pickup and delivery is what keeps United Vision Logistics rolling strong. Remaining courteous and polite in the face of adversity while loading or delivering has led to Melvin being requested specifically by certain customers. This gentleman is always looking for ways to diversify his capabilities, whether it's getting certified for shell, designing a trailer tail board to use for Chevron, or running with our rig moving crew, Melvin is always looking for the edge when it comes to safety and equipment additions. Always willing to go the extra mile and spend the extra dollar, Melvin makes sure he has top of the line equipment and sees to it that he represents himself and United Vision Logistics in the most professional safe manner possible.
Great job Melvin!

Thursday recipient of the Best Driver Award 2012
Congratulations to David Fincher!

David is an outstanding driver with a perfect safety record. He has been with ACE Legacy since 1984 and has driven a gazillion miles with no incidents. David has been heavy hauling for a very long time and has been maintaining a fleet of 3 to 4 trucks with 10-13 trailers for years now. He is always eager to share his knowledge and expertise with anyone who is in need. He is safety oriented and understands where we are going and shares our vision to be the acknowledged leader in our segment of the transportation industry.
Great job David!

Wednesday recipient of the Best Driver Award 2012
Congratulations to John Montalvo!

John Montalvo (Johnny) has been with us for a little over 4 years. Johnny has always prided himself in his equipment. He just recently bought a 2012 KW, Harley Davidson colors. Johnny has his own customers he services but is always willing to help us out if needed. He understands that safe customer service is job one and conducts himself and his actions accordingly.
Great job Johnny!

Tuesday recipient of the Best Driver Award 2012
Congratulations to George Veals!

George always goes out of his way to help the fleet managers any time of the day. He goes above and beyond the call of duty. Always has a positive attitude even though it didn't go his way and lost money he still has a positive attitude and knows that he will be rewarded for his understanding. No matter what the freight is he will haul it and smile all day long doing it.
Great job George!

Monday recipient of the Best Driver Award 2012
Congratulations to Leo!

Leo Escobar has been a loyal owner operator for United Vision since 2010. Leo operates a double drop stretch 3 axle trailer being pulled by a 4 axle tractor making him very flexible when it comes to cargo. His experience handling specialized loads is vast. Loads that exceed 120,000 pounds, have a width of over 20 ft or a height of 20 ft are not an issue for an owner operator like Leo. The knowledge of DOT regulations that Leo has keeps a Fleet Manager at ease as he or she assures customers they have one of the best in the business moving their cargo. Leo also works with a select group of escorts that are always available when he needs them keeping on the road communication issues at bay. Any time of the day or night United Vision can count on Leo Escobar to move extremely large freight anywhere the customer would like. Terminal 511 is very lucky to have such an experienced and professional oilfield logistics operator.
Great job Leo!